Father’s Day

This Sunday marks the Father’s Day celebration.  It is the one day that this society and culture has decided to set aside to honor all our fathers.  It is such a small token of appreciation that we offer to these men.  Think about it, just one day out of all our schedules do we take the time to tell our fathers,”I Love You, I respect you, thank you very much for all you have sacrificed and done for my well-being”!  It is such a minuscule effort on all of our parts.


It is my opinion that every day should be  Father’s Day, as well as Mother’s Day!  My rationale is very simple and founded in psychological studies.  It has been proven that for boys, the single most important person in their lives is their father!   Now I will admit that not every father is worthy of honor from his children, but for the most part they are worthy in general.


Wouldn’t you think that we as males could, at least, express our love and respect to our fathers- other than on just Father’s Day?  Well, we don’t!  We just take good old Dad for granted, it is a “man thang”!  We as men just assume that all of our loved ones “just know that we love them”!  Well guys, it just doesn’t work that way! 


Father’s Day 2009 will be somewhat  hollow for me. It is the 14th Father’s day that I have wished my Dad a Happy Father’s Day, but unfortunately he is not around to celebrate the day!   Dad passed away on Dec. 30, 1995.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t take the time to observe this day and reflect how much that I respect what he tried to do for me.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t take time to ponder just how much I still love him and miss him!  It doesn’t mean that he is no longer a roll model for me.   Quite the contrary my Dad is probably more of roll model now than 14 years ago!


I remember growing up in the 60’s telling myself, “God I hope that I don’t turn out like my dad!”  Well here I am approaching the age of 60, and guess what, I am turning out just  like my dad!   My dad was a very humble, stern, and generous man.  We didn’t have much, but if you needed food, you could come and sit at the dinner table.  You needed a bed his house was open!  He was all about family!  Something that I don’t see as much anymore these days.

So my wish is to all who read this article, make this Father’s Day special.  If your father is still in your life, make him feel special, let him know that you love, respect, appreciate  him.  But what I am really trying to get across is that you should let ALL of your loved ones know unequivocally that you care!