Tiger Woods Is Back!

For the past five months there has been more “Tiger” stories  about all of his “conquests and infidelities” than I could deal with!  But having said all that, the thoughts in my head of the way the golf analysts could call Tiger’s every move at the Masters golf tournament could be very interesting and humorous!  In light of Tiger’s past transgressions, the commentary at The Masters could definitely have sexual connotations!

Think about the possibilities!

1. How about the possibility of the announcer describing Tiger’s first “hole in one” at The Masters at Augusta National Golf Club!  “Tiger put it in the bottom of the hole.  Or Tiger really nailed the hole.”

2. How about Tiger’s first errant drive.  “Tiger drives it deep into the rough? Or how about Tiger just drove it to the edge of the fringe?  He is driving it long and straight.”

3. How do you describe Tiger’s putting on the green?  “Tiger put in the bottom of the hole.  Tiger just missed the hole.  Oh Tiger just lipped that putt.  Tiger just drained that long one!  A solid stoke into the hole. All he has is just a little tap into the hole. He firmly strokes his putter.  Tiger laid it up short with only a firm tap to put it in the hole!”

4. Tiger’s aggressiveness could have some interesting comments.  “Tiger is going for the hole!  Tiger has grabbed the big stick and is going for the hole.”

I think that I have gotten all that out of my system now.  I hope that it was somewhat humorous, and if not my apologies to the offended.

Now that I have poked fun at Tiger Woods, I can tell all that I hope that Tiger Woods emerges Sunday as the victor of the 2010 Masters.  It would prove to the world that no matter what personal demons that he has had to exorcise, and through it all he is still only human, however he is still the greatest golfing machine to ever swing a golf club!

Go Tiger!