Cellphone Angst


I have a Blackberry with at&t mobile service.  I have been a longtime at&t mobile customer, and I have been relatively happy with their product, until recently.

About two years ago I decided to get myself a Blackberry phone.  It would allow me to access many things that I needed, while away from my home flying to all point of the USA.  For the first year my Blackberry worked fine.  Then I inadvertently tried to teach my phone how to swim in the toilet!! (That in itself is another good story.)  I found out very quickly that a Blackberry can not do the backstroke, the breaststroke, the butterfly, nor the freestyle!

The replacement that I had to purchase, I inadvertently forgot to purchase insurance on the first phone, lasted a few months before it developed technical problems.  The second replacement lasted about 6 months before it developed technical as well as aesthetic physical issues.

I now have a third replacement Blackberry, now a total of 4 phones later, that is only 33 days old.  It, too, is now not functioning at 100% capacity.  It is very slow and it appears that the battery doesn’t last as long as it should.  When switching between applications, it goes into its “thinking” mode!  C’mon, dude, don’t start that “thinking” crap with me all the time!!

Well, I have talked to the at&t mobile store and they were not going to “work a deal” with me. I spoke to them about working a deal to change phones to an Apple iPhone.  They say that Apple has “their hands tied” contractually.  Well I said that if you show me what that knot looks like, I am sure that I can untie it and then we can play “Let’s Make A Deal”!!  The lady saw no humor in that part of our conversation, GRRRR.  She informed me that my account was not available for an upgrade until 9/6/2010, that’s five months away.  But if I wanted to pay full price-$499 for the iPhone- she would be more than happy to help me out.  I believe what she meant to say was that if I was that stupid and willing to pay double price for the iPhone before my contract was up, she would be MORE than happy to take my money and help me out, you idiot!

YGBSM!!  (You gotta be S####ing me!)  I believe that was was my reply to this young lady on the other end of the phone acting as a ‘customer service’ person.  There was a long pause and then she so eloquently replied…….”I take that answer to be NO, Mr. Hammack????”  I told her that I thought that she was brilliantly intuitive!

So what is a person to do when his cellphone starts to act up and the replacements aren’t any better equipment.  Additionally, it appears that your cellular company is into S&M bondage, informing you that their hand are tied up, and they really don’t want them untied!

Someone please help me!