Aloha From Kona!

Cool beachside  by captleon51.
(photo courtesy Leon Hammack)
Once again I am “Island Hopping”!  It has been a couple of months since I have had an island trip, so this trip to Kona is somewhat refreshing.  I forgot just how nice the islands can be this time of year.  No rain, no snow, no thunderstorms, just Sun and a mild tradewind to make you feel relaxed.
After a few days off and going to the NASCAR races last weekend in Phoenix, it is good to put on my uniform, climb into the cockpit, and be back at work……………..NOT!!!  (I couldn’t resist a little “April Fool’s” gag in November!!!)  An old wise Captain once told me, “there is no trip as good as a day off son and don’t forget that”.  He was so prophetic, it is the truth sports fans!
To some this job seems to be so cool and the benefits so great, but after 29 years as an airline pilot plus 6 years in the US Air Force flying C-141’s, the “honeymoon” ended many years and 2 bankruptcies ago!
Oh well, I guess I digressed.  Anyway, I am hoping that I can stay awake long enough to see the beautiful Hawaiian sunset this evening.  It might be very difficult, since I had to get up at 3:45AM AZ time.  It is now 5:00pm Hawaiian time and I have been awake for 16 hours!  Ah yes the glamour of aviation!
I keep forgetting that “I am living the dream”!!!!!!!