The Rain Reins Supreme!

2009 Daytona 500 146 

(photo by Leon Hammack)

NASCAR had a long and very contentious bout with the rains this weekend and lost!  The Coca Cola 600, NASCAR’s longest race of the year, was washed out on its traditional starting day of the Sunday.  Not a problem, they just delayed the start of the race to Monday at noon.

So the much anticipated running of the 50th Coca Cola 600was turning into a marathon event, rather than a 600 mile NASCAR  race!  As the start time was approaching on Monday, the forecast was for more rain showers off and on all day long.  That is exactly what happened!!

With several stops for rain showers, the last rain shower occurred on lap 222 and the yellow flag was unfurled.  The 13 lead cars all ducked into the pits in preparation for the race returning to green flag racing soon.  David Reutimannin the #00 Michael Waltrip Toyota was running 14th and decided to stay on the track in hopes that the rain would not let up for the remainder of the evening.  After running 5 laps under the yellow flag the race was halted with David Reutimann in the lead.  The rain continued to came in waves and never really allowed the track officials to get the track in racing condition.

After more than 2 hours in the final rain delay,and the race was past the halfway point,  NASCAR officials called the race official at lap 227.  David Reutimann and the #00 Michael Wlatrip Racing  Toyota were first time winners at the Cup level!  So now Reutimann’s new found nickname “The Franchise” has been fulfilled!!


Memorial Weekend is jammed packed with activities every year.  It is the official start of the summer.  It has the two greatest car races of the season, The Indianapolis 500 and The Coca Cola 600.  But there is so much more to it than that.  It is about honoring our servicemen and women!  Monday NASCAR really showed respect to our military yesterday!

At just before 3pm EDT, NASCAR threw the yellow flag followed by a red flag to stop the race.  The race officials decided to bring the race cars down pit lane, stop the race, shutdown the motors, and get all the crewmen lined up.  By doing this the entire racetrack population stood and honored our military personnel who are serving our country. More importantly, the race fans paid their respect to those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom! 

After all Memorial Day was established to pay tribute to and honor those who have allowed all of us to do, whatever it is that we do, without fear of retribution!  It is all of the G.I.’s, both past and present, that are wearing and have worn “THE UNIFORM”, that are the true heroes of this country.  It is this writer’s opinion that we should be eternally grateful everyday of the year for what these fine men and women do for us, not just on Memorial Day!

USAF– “We live in fame and die in flame!”

USMC-“Sempre Fi”


USN-“Anchors Aweigh”

You are the true heroes!!!  God bless you all!!!

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For about half of the teams Saturday night, the Sun has set on their chances of winning the Sprint Cup championship for 2008!!!  It would appear at this juncture of the Chase that it is down to quite possibly four teams only.  Quite honestly, it is Jimmie Johnson’s championship to loose.  Jeff Burton has really been performing quite well during the first half fof the Chase.  He has been flying under the radar very nicely so far.  But, his win at Lowe’s Motor Speedway Saturday night has jumped him up into second place in Chase standings!!!  Burton must now be considered one of the remaining favorites.  “Cousin Carl” has hit upon some hard times in the last two races.  His adventures at Talladega not only landed his team a poor finish, but apparently he got to “visit the hood of the #33 KHI Nationwide car”!!!  (Check out the link in the #4 of story lines!!)  Meanwhile, “The Bif” is still performing at a very steady pace.


This reporter still has “MAJOR HEARTBURN” with the way NASCAR handled the finish of the Talladega race!!  The rule states,” you can not advance your postion by going below the yellow line or you will be penalized”( RULE #1).”  It also states,”you can not force someone below the yellow line or you might be penalized“(RULE #2).  It also states that if you can see the CHECKERED FLAG WAVING the rules do not apply (RULE # 3). 

First and foremost, if what Tony Stewart did does not constitute forcing a competitor below the yellow  line then I don’t know what does!!  There is no arguing the fact that Regan Smith was below the yellow line, ‘ cause  both of Stewart’s left side tires were down below the yellow line and Regan Smith had a fender on Stewart’s left quarter panel (RULE #1)!!!!  So this reporter’s point is that if you are going to penalized Smith for passsing below the yellow line, you must also penalize Stewart for forcing him down there ( RULE #2)!!!!  If you are going to apply the first two rules, you must apply them fairly and consistently.  With those thoughts in mind, it would appear to this reporter that Paul Menard should be declared the winner!!!  Now if you are going to not penalize Stewart for driving below the yellow line and thusly forcing Smith below the yellow line because they can see the “CHECKERED FLAG WAVING”(RULE #3), THEN OBVIOUSLY REGAN SMITH WINS THE RACE!!!

Therein lies the crux of this reporter’s heartburn!!!!  Thank God I have an abundant supply of Prilosec in the medicine cabinet!!!  I also have a large tube of, you guessed it, “BOUDREAUX’S BUTT PASTE”!!