Has Kyle Gone To Far?

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(photo by Getty Images)
Just when I thought that I might even be more positive about that “poor misguided soul” from Las Vegas, ol Kylie does something again that is so outlandish and asinine that I was completely dumbfounded!  Yes he can drive the wheels of any car that he gets into.  Yes he has become a very dominating race car driver in NASCAR.  Likewise, TLVW (The Las Vegas Weasel) is also arrogant, pouting, and very childish in his behavior!  But I believe that what THE WEASEL did last night, after dominating the Nationwide Series at Nashville takes the cake, period!  It leaves me asking the question, just what does ol Kylie have between those dumbo ears and behind that Alfred E. Neuman face of his?  Anyone have a clue?
Saturday night after winning and dominating in the Nationwide Series at Nashville, ol Kylie is presented the custom $2000.00 hand painted “Les Paul Signature” Gibson guitar, that for nine years has become the much coveted trademark trophy for winning the Nashville race.  What happened next was just mind blowing.
TLVWtook that custom Gibson guitar and smashed it on the ground into hundreds of pieces!  Does Busch think that he is part of the British rock band THE WHODoes he think he is Roger Daltrey or Pete Townshend with his “guitar destruction” fete at Nashville?  He even had the poor misguided thought to compare himself , afterwards in an interview, to those two from THE WHO, as well as KISS and Ozzy Osburne???  I am missing something here!  Kyle is a race car driver, pure and simple,  not a ROCK STAR!!!  REALLY C’MON KYLE!
Between TLVW’s pouting, rants, avoiding interviews, and infantile arrogance, this outlandish behavior is inexplicable by most who observed it!  Between his often aggressive driving style, and now his over- the- top celebrations, what will we see next from this poor misguided soul?  It is starting to look like a soap opera….As The Race Wheel Turns!
What do you think, is Kyle over the top or just good entertainment?