The Story lines:

1.  Greg Bifle wins at Louden!

2.  Busch falls to 8th place in the Chase:( jayski.com)

3.  Jeff Foxworthy and 20th Century Fox TV combine for an animated NASCAR Show:

4.  Ricky Carmichael attempts Talladega ARCA race:  (Hartford Currant)

5.  Carpentier is a free agent: (scenedaily.com)

6.  Penalities over Truck race FISTICUFFS: (jayski.com)

7.  Jay Freye stays with Red Bull Racing: (Yahoo Sports)


One race does not a Chase make, but one race has drastically changed the “running order”!!  The points leader and winner of the most races in the season had his “MULLIGAN”!!  Busch suffered a mechanical failure of his sway bar bolt and the results was a TOTALLY ILL handling race car!!  So ill handling that he lost control, spun out all by himself, and collected up two other race cars in the melee.  That mechanical failure cost ol Kylie SEVEN positions in the Chase, he fell from the lead to 8th place after just the first race of the Chase.


On the other hand, Greg Bifle reversed his fortunes in just one race.  He now becomes one of the top four in the Chase!!  However, this is again only the first race of the ten race Chase!!  Don’t start counting your chickens……. you know!!  But once again, like last year, the year long dominating team is suffering under the pressure.  We do remember the Hendrick Motorsports Dupont #24 Chey last year, right???????  Need I say more?


While I am thinking of it.  If you missed the Craftsman Truck race last Saturday, you missed a really exciting event at the end of the race!!  It looked like a late Saturday night outside your local tavern ( The Red Carpet @ Cedar & Shields), or in the pits after your local short track race, or for that fact in the  Eastern Airlines parking lot at Atlanta after flying with a KING-SIZED JERK!!!!!   David Starr  had systematically gotten into three different drivers and stuck them all in the  turn 3 wall.  “But the straw that might have broken someone’s nose” was when Starr stuck Tood Bodine in to the wall near the end of the race!!!  When the race concluded, Bodine gave Starr a good “push” back to the pits then separated himself from the tension.  But you should of seen the crewmen from all three crashed trucks decend upon Starr and this pit crew!!!  There were haymakers, belly whoppers, and nose-crashers being thrown!!  IT WAS GREAT FOR THE RATINGS!!!!!!  After all, it was just men handling things in a man’s way!!

This week’s race is at “The Monster Mile” at Dover.   It is Bristol on steriods, to say the least.  It should produce some very exciting racing, unfortunately I will be in Honolulu and won’t see the race til l get back home.  Oh well, someone has to be in Honolulu!!!!!