That Will Be 5 Cents, Please!

I wondered out this morning in Washington D.C. for a bit of lunch.  I knew exactly where I was heading, Chipotle!  Yes siree, give me that Barbacoa Burrito.  I couldn’t wait for that scrumptious combination to go” down the hatch”!  Boy oh boy, it sure was delicious.

Now the plan, on the walk back to the hotel, was to stop at the Rite Aid store for a “big” bottle of Diet Coke.  So I stroll into the store scouring the isles for their beverage area.  Eureka, I found it!  So I scooped up the jug of liquid gold and headed to the cash register.  Here it is Sunday morning about 11:45 am, the streets a teeming with locals out for their morning walk.  The area is bustling.

But unfortunately, there is only 1 person working the cash register. Can you believe that, just one cashier!  The line is about 10 people deep waiting to check out.  So I patiently waited in line for my time.  I put my diet coke up on the counter and proceed to pay for it.  I was given my change and the receipt.  Meanwhile,I was waiting for the checker to put my purchase in a plastic bag so that I could carry my highly prized diet coke back to my hotel room.  The cashier  motioned to the next customer to put his purchase up on the counter.  I then asked the cashier if he could put my “lifeline” in a plastic bag, please.

I felt that it was not an outlandish request.  This is the reply that I heard. “That will be five cents please”! I said “excuse me”!  He reiterated that will be a five cent charge.  Before I could even formulate an intelligent response I heard this spew out of my mouth,”you gotta be sh***ing me“!  He looked somewhat aghast to that reply.  Again that phrase flew out of my lips, “really you gotta be sh***ing me”! He then looked like he had been hit by a ton of it!  I grabbed my diet coke and very quickly departed the store before my lips got me into further trouble with the cashier.

Nonetheless, I find that practice to be totally unacceptable!  The store sell products that the customer needs, makes a sizable profit on those products, and now has the audacity to charge for bags to carry your purchases out of the store!  REDICULOUS !


That will be 5 cents is BIG BS! What do you think?