Michigan 400


Story Lines This Week:

1.  Surprise, Edwards wins:  www.nascar.com

2.  Kylie cinches top spot in Chase: www.jayski.com

3.  2009 schedule realignment:


4.  Subway moves to #99 Edwards:


5.  Newman to drive #39, not #4:


6. David Ragan finishes a career best third:

7.  Joey Logano will make a few Cup starts this year:


8.  Compare Joey Logano to Casey Atwood:


9. Four out of top five, Rousch/Fenway Fords:


This weekend it was The Carl Edwards Show!!  It is not often that there is a sweep in both the Nationwide Series and the Sprint Cup Series races, but it happened at Michigan last weekend.  This is one of the tracks where the Fords dominate, Roush/Fenway Racing in particular!!!  This is also one of the tracks where fuel mileage and long green flag runs always plays a big part in the deciding the winner!!  Remember the June race where Dale Jr. won  on fuel mileage?????  Well, not this time!  Fuel mileage was not a factor in the race outcome.   It was strictly hard racing for 400 miles.



Is Joey Logano the real deal?  He is been touted as the next “rising star” in NASCAR!!  He might be just that, time will tell.  But a few years ago I remember another “rising star” that every car owner was salavating over, Casey Atwood.  He was a 19 year old phenom that was tearing up the tracks around Nashville.  Ray Evernham signed him to drive the # 19 Dodge to start his entrance into team ownership.  He lasted not quite 2 seasons and slipped into obscurity!!!  We shall see if Joey can handle all the pressure that goes with the high profile NASCAR race car driver’s obligations.

Once again, you didn’t have to look it up ’cause I already did!!!