Man, It Feels Good To Be Me Again!

Hannah and Me

Over the last 50 years my life’s journey has taken me far, near, wide and narrow. I have travelled to five of the seven continents, was on my way to Anarctica, but was re-routed. Additionally I never made to Africa.

During that half-century my journey’s paths were, to copy a song title from Sir Paul, some very “long and winding roads”!

I have made some really great decisions and I have made some REALLY DUMB choices! All of which have packaged together in what has become the 70 year old me, Captain Blowdri. I will admit that there were many times that I told myself that “I sure wished that I had not done that”!

There were many times that I knew that, where I was at the time just wasn’t the real me. Nevertheless, I proceeded on, as uncomfortable as that was at that time. But I always knew that eventually I would “come back home”. I just knew deep down inside that the real me would re-emerge.

Well that time happened, and it came to me over the last 18 months, since I had open heart surgery!

I have embedded a music video with this post that may best explain this phenomena. It talks about how good it is to “return to your roots”, to re-discover yourself! If you do not listen to country radio and have not heard this song, I urge you to click on it. When you listen to the music, close your eyes and let it wash all over you! Let your inner being take control and let that inner you understand what this song means to you!

There is a rich and deeper meaning in the interpretation of these lyrics that you may find applicable to your life! To copy yet another famous quote from the oft misquoted philosopher Gomer Pyle, USMC……SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!

It is all about re-discovering the real you!

The song is written and sung by Thomas Rhett, and for me the symbolism of the lyrics really hits home!

I saw the light, I found the way home
Thank you, Lord, Amen
Man, it feels good to be country again