Drafting on the high banks of Talladega!   The “Car of Tomorrow” followed by the “Car of Yesterday”!!!!!   HaHa

This was the first race for the COT with a restirictor plate and the racing was just as exciting as it always  is at TALLADEGA.

Sorry for the delay in the posting, BUT  I WAS OVERBOOKED!!!!

Anyway, here are the standings after Talladega.   I promise that I will get the posting quickly after the Lowes race this evening!!!


1.     JEREMY————43

2.     SCOTT————-44

3.     MARK————–46

4.     LARRY————-50

5.     RICHARD———-68

6.     JIM—————–72

7.     LEON—————75

8.     JESSE————–85

9.     LYNETTE———–91


11.   CAROLE———-96

12.   KAREN———-115

13.   EDIE————119

14.   CAROLYN——-123

15.   JERRY———–129

16.   RICK————148

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