Remember last week that I said that  the championship was Jeff Gordon’s to loose???   Well, it appears that the tide is a changing and his team mate is about to “steal” the title away from him!!!   I know that there is at least one person who is overjoyed that Jeff Gordon is “slip-sliding away”.

Speaking of slip-sliding away, our standings are really tight and jumbled up!!   We have a new leader…..Black Market Baucum   is just one point ahead of Flatus Scott!!!!!   Then positions 3-11 are just 15 point apart, so there seems to be a tight race for the last two places for the money.   So you all need to get down to some serious pit strategy for the last two races!   For me,  I am going with a slight bit of wedge, four fresh Goodyears, a spring rubber in the left rear, and “Let The Big Dog Eat”!!!


1.     LARRY—————–101

2.     SCOTT—————–102

3.     MARK——————129


5.     ZEE———————132

6.     JIM———————133


8.     JESSE——————-136

9.     LEON——————–137

10.   CAROLE—————-142

11.   EDIE——————-144

12.   LYNETTE————–161

13.   KAREN—————-167

14.   CAROLYN————-168

15.   JERRY—————-183

16.   RICK—————–229

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