Thank You!

As I finally get settled in at my new/old location (Fresno), I just want to thank my family and my “special friend” (Blondie, the love of my life)  for their love and support!!  

It has been a long road home.  I left in August 1973 and finally returned for good in June of 2006.   The stops along the way were  Williams AFB, Travis AFB, New York City, Orlando, FL, Atlanta, GA, Kansas City, MO, Denver, CO, Fresno, CA, Denver,CO, and now back home!

Now it time to open up for business the “Hotel California” !!!

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  1. FINALLY you are home where you belong. We are so glad that you and Karen have moved here Dad. Words can’t explain how good it feels to see Cole light up when he gets to see and play with his PAPA HAMMACK!! We are so glad that we have you both in our lives each day. We never realized just how much was missing from our lives until now. Our family finally feels complete, 100%. Thank you for always being there for us when we have needed you. Losing our twins was the hardest time in our lives, but we feel as though our daughters served an even more important purpose; they brought my Dad home to me and my family. Thank you for being there to support me during the loss of Macie & Ciara. Thank you for always being so supportive and for not judging me or my family. We love you and can’t wait to share the future with you & Karen. Love you always…

    Jer, Steph, Cole, & Hannah

  2. Well Dad, I am glad your home. It’s really cool to be able to just drive over and hang out with my dad and Karen. I really looking forward to having Thanksgiving with you in Fresno.

  3. Hey Capt, glad to see you back in Fresno. It is a cool place and great places to go close by. Enjoy it and will be talkin’ to ya.


  4. Leon, this website thing is a great idea for communicating. Wish that I had thought of it, but maybe I’ll try it myself. Did you retire from UAL and is that the reason for returning to Fresno?
    If so, congratulations on escaping from the squirrel cage and enjoy your “golden years”
    Regards, Denny

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