The Ball Is In NASCAR’s Court


After the Talladega race last fall, NASCAR sent a strong message to the drivers as a results of the consequences that surrounded the finish of the race.  If you remember, Tony Stewart blocked/ran Reagan Smith down below the infamous YELLOW LINE.  Smith stayed in the gas, went below the yellow line, avoided sending the past Cup Champion into the catch fence, and blew by “THE SMOKER” for the apparent victory, right…..WRONG!!!  NASCAR penalized Smith sending him to the tail end of the lead lap for his descretion!!!!  The 2008 fall Talladega victory went to “THE SMOKER”!!

Fast forward , if you will, to last Sunday.  The last quarter of a lap plays out in much the same fashion as it did in the fall of 2008, with a few small differences!  Those small differences are; there is a huge hole in the catchfence, a few unfortunate spectators are injured by flying debris, a really fast Ford Fussion is now a shredded piece of junk over in the scap heap at Roush-Fenway Racing, and a young gun, Brad Keselowski, is the newest Cup victor! 

Now that the dust has settled from the race Sunday, what is NASCAR going to do about THE YELLOW LINE rule?  The message was sent by NASCAR last year….DO NOT GO BELOW THE YELLOW LINE!!!!  Keselowski followed the edict to a T! Repeatedly I say,the results was a really fast Ford ending up a shredded piece of junk!

So, you ask, what does NASCAR do about THE YELLOW LINE rule?

1. Do they flatten out the bank at Talladega Superspeedway and turn it into a “follow the leader race”? Boring, not gonna happen.

2. Should they put smaller holes in the restrictor plates between the carburator and the intake manifold to slow them down even further and pack them up tighter?  REALLY, REALLY, DANGEROUS!

3. Bruce Simmons over at Nascar Bits and Pieces ( has a great idea!  Just give them solar powered cars and they can race at 45 MPH all day!!!!  NOT EVEN!!!

4. It is race, let them race!!  From the end of turn 4 to the Start/Finish Line, it should be ANYTHING GOES!!  EXCUSE ME, EXCUSE ME, I AM COMIN’ THRU!!

What is your take on the restrictor plate racing and THE YELLOW LINE RULE??? 

Captainblowdri wants to know what you think!

By the way the picture is TLVW, aka ol Kylie Busch, climbing out of his Nationwide car after his aggressive move early in the race for the lead, put his car and one other in the garage for the rest of the afternoon in the Nationwide Series race at Las Vegas this year!!!

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