The Chase Is Here!


Richmond has come and gone and the excitement is about to start!   There was a little drama last night, although not as much as in the past couple of years.  

The stage of excitement was centered around “The Rock Star” of NASCAR, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.   He needed desperately to drive the race of his life to get into the Chase!!!   He started in 21st position and drove up through the field like a knife through warm butter!!   ( I  WILL BET  THE OLD MAN WAS GRINNING FROM EAR TO EAR AS HE LOOKED DOWN! )  All night he hovered around 3rd to 5th position, just stalking the leaders.   His nemisis was Kevin Harvick and Kurt Busch, who needed to finish worse that about 32nd and 35th, respectively for Jr to get into “The Show”.   Then, the arrow directly to the heart!!   That mighty 850 horsepower engine that propelled his steely white rocket ship to the front “GRENADED” on him!!!!!!!   That malfunction torpedoed the hopes of Jr and his “JR. NATION” of getting another shot at a championship.  

 This writer may now show his bias when making this observation:  

 “Being  charter member of JR. NATION, it would appear to me that  Theresea Earnhardt is soley  intrumental in the  apparent distruction of Dale Earnhardt Jr and the number 8 Bud team”!!!!  It isn’t coincidental that when Jr. made it public that he was leaving DEI, all the sudden Truex started to perform and Jr.’s team ultimately got 5 DNF’s (did not finish), motor failure after motor failure!!!!!!   Good bye DEI!!!!   I can’t wait for 2008 and see Jr. in the Hendrick camp!   The stars and the planets  are about to line up for Jr.  in 2008!

What are your thoughts and pedictions regarding Jr., Hendricks, his sponsor, and his number?????   I am interested in your comments.

WHAT WAS THAT BLUR?    Look out Jeff, look out Jimmie, look out Tony, Jr. is  coming to the front!!!

Attention to all, I  must have  your top 12 picks by Weds so I can compile them and distribute them to everyone!!!!!!!

The Standings:

1.     Scott——————–4 (Picked the winner)

2.     Carolyn—————–13

3.     Mark——————–14



6.     Jeremy——————15

7.     Leon———————22

8.     Larry——————–26


10.   Jerry——————-27

11.   Rick——————–29


13.   Richard—————–31

14.   Carole——————36

15.   Karen——————-42

16.   Lynette—————–55

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