The Glen


The words “The Glen” says it all!!   It is a high speed road course with a lot of action associated with it.   It is kind of a Bristol and Martinsville with left and right turns!!!   And by that I mean everyone comes to race and leaves with a chip on their shoulder and an attitude!!!   In fact,  I think that Juan Paul was asking Harvick out  to dinner and drinks after the race at The Glen!!!   I think that there was also a discussion about one or both of their heritages!!!!!!

Three people picked the winner, “I can beat these guys any day of the week”, Tony Stewart. Good job Jeremy, Edie and Carolyn!!!!

The standings are still bunched and continuing to change.   There are still opportunities for you all to make a last minute charge!!!   Maybe a little bit of wedge or track bar   change might get it done!!!

I am still waiting for a few of your picks to arrive so that I can compile them for everyone to see.

The Standings:

1.     Leon———–82

2.     Scott———–98

3.   Zee————-101

4.   Jesse———–103

5.     Jerry———–109

6.     Carolyn——–110 (Picked the winner)

7.   Carole———-113

8.     Jim————-134

9.     Jeremy———135 (Picked the winner)

10.   Mark———–139

11.   Larry———–158

12.   Edie————168( Picked the winner)

13.   Karen———–176

14.   Lynette———183

15.   Rick————-199

16.   Richard———223

Reminder:   Please get your picks into me soon!!!!!!

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