The Monster Mile


Dover’s nickname was realistic!   The Monster Mile ate up several cars today.   The worst crash ocurred with about 30 laps to go.   That wreck involved 12 cars and took out a few of the championship contenders.   I think that two teams might have got themselves in a place that they can’t recover from!   The addition  of two more teams to the Chase makes this year much more dynamic and exciting!!

Our standings  are extremely close from 1st through 9th place, just 10 points separate those positions!

PS There is video sent out to further explain Dover!!!!!


1.     JEREMY—————–34


3.     MARK——————–36

4.     SCOTT——————-37


6.     LEON———————38

7.     LARRY——————–41

8.     EDIE———————-42

9.     CAROLYN—————–44

10.   ZEE———————–55

11.   RICHARD—————–61

12.   CAROLE——————-65

13.   RICK———————-71

14.   KAREN——————–72

15.   JERRY———————83

16.   LYNETTE——————87

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