The move to Yuma!

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Well folks, we have kinda, sorta recovered from the SINGLE WORST IDEA   that I might have ever had!!!   That is….. to move ourself from Fresno to Yuma, instead of enlisting Mayflower or Allied!!!   I failed to remember that I am almost 57 years old and that I can’t do MANY of the things that I used to!!!!!   Having said all that, I can only tell you that for several days I felt like I had just been a participant in  an Ultimate Fighting Match!!!

All of my muscles??????, and I use that word sparringly, were killing me for about a week.   I had bruises on top of my bruises!!   Things were sore that I thought couldn’t get sore!!!  

When we unloaded the Uhaul truck at the storage place, I thought that  I would put things logically into storage.     Well, I have now figured out that I didn’t do such a great job!   I was going to load the storage up so that the last things put into the facility would be the first things that we would need to take out.   We figured that as the place park model was setup, we would take a few things out of storage and put into our new “abode”!   Well, it sounded good on paper, but I guess that I screwed it all up!!!!

I have now figured out that I can’t find the new phones that I bought just before we left Fresno.   We have phone service to the park model and I have my DSL  up and running, at least the computer is working.   I went looking for the phones and I can’t find hide nor hair of them in storage.   It would be nice to have the local phone working, even though we are still living in the RV across the street.   We wouldn’t have to use our cell phones for everything, but…..

Anyway, to admit shortcomings is not easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There will be more to blog about, but for now I would really like to thank my family for pitching in and helping us pack up and load up the Uhaul truck!!   You guys are the greatest!!!  

 We love you all!!!

Leon and Karen

PS   Come to Yuma and visit….the winters are wonderful!


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  1. Now my friend; just kick back and enjoy life.
    Sometimes it takes longer to recuporate than we think is right. The mind is still telling us we can do it, but the body says “I think you over loaded yourself this time”. I’m dealing with much the same thing. I’ve started Olympic style weight lifting, and doing Yoga in the off season, and I have to tell you I’ve found places that I’d forgottn all about having.
    O. glen

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