The New and Improved Bristol!


They said that Bristol couldn’t be more exciting.   But the resurfacing of that track has made a much more exciting racing facility than it used to be.   With the variable banking now there, it is no longer a single groove race track!!   There was side-by-side racing and even passing on the high side!!!!!!!  

The second segment “Chase for the Dough” just ended.   There were seven people that could have jumped into the lead and took all the “bacon”!   The difference between first and second place was only 2 points and the difference between third and fourth place was only  8 points!!!!   From first place to fifth place was separated by only  20 points!!!   I believe that this was the closest finish in the two years that we have been doing this.   It was very exciting for me each week to watch this battle brew.

Next week the 3rd segment starts and after the Richmond race —-“The Chase for the Cup”!   The seeding with the wins figured in will drastically change the top 12 for the beginning of the Chase.   The Penske boy( Mr. More Aerodynamic Ears aka Kurt Busch) and Mr. Gibbs’ driver(“I can beat them any day of the week” aka Tony Stewart) may have something for the Hendrick’s boys of Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson.   But don’t count out Mr Gibbs other driver Denny Hamlin!   The added twist of 10 points per victory makes a big difference now.   Consistency is good, but a few wins really helps!!!!

The payout is:






The Final Standings:

1.     Leon——————-114

2.     Jesse——————-116

3.     Carolyn—————-123

4.     Jerry——————-131

5.     Scott——————-134

6.     Carole——————137

7.     Jim———————152

8.     Mark——————-154

9.     Zee———————157

10.   Larry——————177

11.   Edie——————-178

12.   Rick——————-209

13.   Jeremy—————-223

14.   Lynette—————-230

15.   Richard—————-236

16.   Karen——————242


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