The Pocono Rain!!

For the second week in a row rain played a decisive role in the outcome of the race.   It is that time of the year on the East Coast where thunderstorms cause havoc on plans.   The standings are still tight and there are ties at a couple of the positions.

It would appear that Hendricks Motorsports has figured out the Car of Tomorrow.   They are the class of NASCAR at the present.   Through the first 14 races it looks like Jeff Gordon is heading quite smoothly towards his fifth championship!!   But this is still too early in the season to crown the champ!!!!!   There has to be someone who can challange him outside of his teammates at Hendricks.

This week is Michigan, with its traditional long green flag runs.    Handling, suspension, and tire management are keys at Michigan to get to the end.   All that reminds me of the sayin’,”in order to finish first-you must first finish”!

Good Luck!


The Standings:

1.     Leon————-11

1.     Edie————–11

3.     Jim—————14

3.     Carolyn———–14

5.     Jessie————-18

5.     Lynette———–18

7.     Karen————-26

8.     Jeremy————28

9.     Jerry————–29

10.   Larry————-31

11.   Scott————-35

12.   Mark————–45

13.   Zee—————47

14.   Carole————-50

15.   Richard————51

16.   Rick—————-54  


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