They’re Off!!

The long awaited “Chase for the Cup” has begun.   However, there was a curve ball thrown today at Louden, NH!   The one driver who hasn’t won a single race, but who has finished very consistenly this season, finally got the monkey off his back!   Not only did Clint Bowyer win today, he thoroughly dominated the race!!!   That has thrown a monkey wrench into the standings at the beginning of the Chase.   I predict that the Championship will not be  determined until the checkered flag is dropped at Homestead!!!

Speaking of the standings, ours is starting out for this segment, to be very tight.   The first 10 places are within 24 points and 11th through 16th place is only separated by 26 points.   That kind of closeness will make for some great fun over the next nine races!


1.     Scott——————9

2.     Jeremy————–21

3.     Leon—————-25

4.     Edie—————–28

5.     Mark—————-29


7.    Carolyn————-31

8.     Larry—————-32


10.   Rick—————–33

11.   Zee——————41

12.   Jerry—————-45

13.   Carole—————53

14.   Richard————–56

15.   Karen—————-59

16.   Lynette————–67

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