This Goes Out To The Wild Hearts Like Mine

Leon Hammack

For the last twenty-two months I have been rebuilding my my self, both mentally and physically! As most of you all know I had open heart surgery back on December 17, 2019. That day, that single seven hour event, has completely reshaped ol Captain Blowdri! The rebuilding, the reshaping, the wholly introspective personal inventory, has been unequivocally cathartic!

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks have turned into months, there has been a rejuvenation of heart and brain, as well as a renewed view and appreciation for life in general. Now don’t get ol Captain Blowdri wrong, there has not been a completely earth shaking “Kum-By-Yah” life change moment, however, there has been some gradual evolvements in attitude! No, I haven’t just completely become passive and offer up the other cheek, but I have opened up my eyes to the realities of relationships and life in general!

I suggest that we all look for that key ring that hold the keys to our hearts and maybe it is time to unlock that bad boy and live whatever life we all have left to its fullest! However, it will come with a huge risk to our psyche and our very prized and delicate hearts. But I submit to you that it will be extremely rewarding!

Try it! You just might like!

This goes out to the wild cards and all of the wild hearts just like mine!!!

Now listen
Has anyone ever told you
You’ll never amount to anything
You’re just wasting your time
Chasing the tail-of-a-dragon kind of dream
But I’m here to tell you
Anything can happen in this life
If you got the heart and the passion
And a God lit fire inside
This goes out to the drifters
And all of the dreamers ready to fly
All those born to be rock stars
Lifting their guitars and painting the sky
Can you hear me, all of you lost ones?
Who aren’t really lost ones
Keep shining your light
This goes out to the wild cards
And all of the wild hearts just like mine

-Keith Urban-


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