Tillamook Cheese Factory


Today we paid a visit to this very famous cheese place, the Tillamook Cheese Factor in Tillamook, Oregon.  It was fascinating watching the processes for making their cheese and ice cream there.  Yes, they make ice cream as well!

When we entered the building, we went to the cheese tasting area.  From the tasting area we progressed into the display area and loaded up on some their fantastic cheeses.  I went directly to the Habanero Jack Cheese, the Garlic Red Pepper Cheddar, the Extra Sharp Cheddar, and the Pepper Jack cheese to put into my shopping basket.

Then we proceeded to grab an ice cream!  The Tillamook ice cream, I had a double scoop of their old fashion vanilla, was very tasty and very smooth!  I have been known to be considered an ice cream connoisseur by people in the know!

(Today I chose not to be a diabetic!)

Even though Tillamook distributes their product throughout the USA, there were a few of their cheeses that I have not seen in my local supermarket.  Therefore, I slipped a couple of the cheeses that I tested in the tasting room into my shopping basket.

If you have never tried their Habanero Jack Cheese or their Garlic Red Pepper Cheddar, you will do yourself a favor by gabbing some and put it on some Triscuit Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil crackers.  It will be some mighty fine snacks!



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  1. Capt. Leon, the Tilamook Cheese Factory was the highlight of many PDX layovers. We’d load up in the old golden goose (1969 Dodge station wagon) and head for the TCF, buy some picnic fixin’s and find a spot on the beach to dig clams or just enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Lots of fond memories, so thanks for this post.

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