Turning Left and Right?


Last week the boys from NASCAR were in the heart of “The California Wine Country”, and so was I!!!!!!   A former copilot of mine, Rory Womack, owns a Texaco Jiffy Lube and had a spare ticket to Infineon Raceway in his possession.      Remembering how much of a “red neck” that I am, he offered that ticket to me for the race.   So there I was sitting at the top of the hill in turn 2 for  the Save Mart 350 last Sunday!!!   Life was sooo good, the only thing missing in the ticket package was the wrist band to get me into the Texaco Havoline Hosptiality Suite.      That would have been too cool, since I had Juan Pablo Montoya for my pick!!!!!   Oh well, you can’t have it all.

It was a very exciting race for a road course, I think that was because it was a COT ( Car of Tomorrow) race.   Watching and listening to the different pit strategies made for an interesting and exciting race.   However, the traffic into and out of the race track made for another form of excitement, and I might add colorful language from the  spectators were included free of charge!!!!!

Here are the standings:

1.     Leon————13   (Again I picked the winner!!!!!!)

2.     Edie————-25

3.     Carolyn———28

4.     Jesse————38

5.     Jerry————46

6.     Carole———–52 (Picked  the winner)

7.     Scott————53

8.     Larry————55

9.     Zee————–58

10.   Lynette———60

11.   Jim————–62

12.   Karen———–64

13.   Richard———72

14.   Mark————84

15.   Jeremy———107

16.   Rick————108

Good Luck this week at Louden!!   It is also a COT race.

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