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Yuma Sunset 002

The tides are a changin”!! There is a new function on my web page. If you will notice at the top banner, there is a tab for NASCAR RACE RESULTS. If you click on that banner, you will see a spreadsheet with the weekly order and the totals accumulated so far for the race segment. My IT people ( my computer geek aka Jason) hooked me up a Google Doc. that is embedded into my web site and that allows me to have the spreadsheet incorporated into my web page!! When the current scores are put into the spreadsheet, it sorts, calculates puts you all in the proper order!!!!

Please check it out and give your thought, critiques, an ideas!! Also if each one of you involved in the NASCAR fantasy League will email me a picture of yourself, I will put the picture up each week of the person(s) who pick the winner!! Other ideas will follow!

Good luck this week at Talladega.

GO #88

For all you really geeky dudes the results are always right here: http://captainblowdri.com/index.php/nascar-race-results/

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