Welcome to the Future!


(photo by Leon Hammack)

After writing the article about NUMBERS and honoring my Dad on, what would have been his 97th birthday, my mind continued to think about many things.

I thought about all the things that Archie Wilson Hammack saw during his 83 years on this Earth!  In his youth he drove a horse and wagon to town, in Shawnee, OK for his parents.  He told me that he was about 12 years old when his parents got their first car, about 1924.

During his youth, Dad witnessed Charles Lindberg’s solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean.  He watched the Jet Age usher itself into mass transportation and into our main stream lifestyle.

One day before Dad’s 57th birthday (July 20,1969), Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the face of the Moon!  What a leap in technology!!  I am not so sure that my generation, or for that fact, any other generation will ever witness that kind huge growth in technology in less than one lifetime!

The dreams and accomplishments of the 20th century were a time in history that most likely will never be surpassed again in one’s lifetime!

Having said all that, and quite honestly looking through rose-colored glasses, what  does the future hold for all of us?

I have enclosed a link that, quite possibly sums up some of the changes that I have witnessed in my 58 years!  It is a link to a new Brad Paisley song.  It is written by Brad Paisley and Chris DuBois.  If you listen to the words you might understand what it is that I am talking about!

Click here!



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