Where is Dorothy and Toto??


The winds blew in the thunderstorms and there were two rain delays.   When the boys finally got the last delay behind them, they fired up those 850 horsepowered rocket ships and drove like they were double parked!!!!

Most of the Chase contenders had  a bad day!   Tires blew, sheet metal bent and tempers flew…. and this isn’t Bristol or Martinsville!!!!!   The Chase is now dividing up the contenders and the pretenders!!!!!

The Standings:

1.     Jeremy—————-35

2.     Scott——————43


4.     Mark——————45

5.     Larry——————46

6.     Zee——————–65

7.     Richard—————67

8.     Jim———————71

9.     Leon——————-74

10.   Edie——————-77

11.   Carolyn—————83

12.   Jerry——————89

13.   Lynette—————90

14.   Carole—————-94

15.   Karen—————108


2 Replies to “Where is Dorothy and Toto??”

  1. Capt. Sandhu gave a detailed message concerning the standings of the Nascar Racing pole.
    He is certainly concerned about his turbin and messing up his “DO”. His camel was looking in the sand for him tonight and found him in the “Strawberry Patch”.
    Poor guy needs some English lessons and should be speaking English fluently since he has been here all of his life. Wonder if his wife has a DOT on her forehead or if he scratched it off and became a winner?????

    Not in need of a sand digger nor a DOT on my forehead,
    ole meeeee

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