Who’s on First……?


(photo by Leon Hammack)


The Jeremy Mayfield/NASCAR drug suspension, the he said-she said media circus cointinues!  According to an article written at Racin Today (racintoday.com) Mayfield staunchly refudiates the claim by NASCAR that he was notified of the drug that they accuse him of testing positive for.  It appears that this “black eye” may not be going away any time soon. 

NASCAR has stated that the owner/driver of the #41 Toyota would have to complete a treatment aka “rehab” program, then apply for reinstatement to NASCAR.  To which Mayfield has, at least initially, said that he would not attend a treatment program! 

 The line in the sand have been drawn!

The latest info today is that Dr. David Black, CEO of Aegis Sciences Corp., which runs the NASCAR testing  program, stated that he specifically identified the drug in several conversations with Mayfield over a three day period after NASCAR suspended him. “I spoke with him about his positive test results on the day he was suspended, and I spoke to him directly about the test result,” Black told the Associated Press.  However, on Saturday Jeremy Mayfield said that he was never told what drug caused the positive test results, and has yet to get a copy of the test results.

Mayfield maintains that the use of Claritan D with the use of a prescription drug caused the positive results.  Dr. Black has repeatedly rejected that explanation as plausible!


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