Windy Las Vegas!!


Well folks, the UAW-Dodge 400 is in the books.   The weather was fairly good for Vegas in March.   We been hot and we have frozen our tails off at this race in years past!!!!!!   The temperature was nice in the daytime, but the wind got the best of us as the sun went down!   Saturday night the wind really got blasting thru the campground and sent fome flags flying to the fence.   There were a few flag poles that bent and one in particular that snapped off and landed in our neighbors “front yard”!!!!!

The racing at Vegas has gotten much, much better since ol Brutun reconfigured the track and increased the banking.   the racing is “racier” and finishes are tighter and very exciting.

This week is Atlanta, which is one of my favorite tracks.   It is very wide and exteremely fast on those high banks!!!! Need I say   that you really need to look out for that NATIONAL GUARD/AMP/MOUTAIN DEW #88 at Atlanta?????   He ran well there when he worked for “THE EVIL STEP-MOTHER“.  

PS Sorry for last week’s failure to publish the results.   I had a terminal case of scurvy, rickets,  and a brain fart!!!!!  


1.     KAREN——————–16

2.     ZEE———————–22


4.     LEON———————-25


6.     CAROLYN—————–26

7.       LOUELLA—————–33

8.     EDIE———————-49

9.     LYNETTE——————51

10.   JIM———————–58

11.   RICHARD—————–62

12.   CAROLE——————67

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